Kent Lárus Björnsson


+354 – 692 – 0240

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Baldursgata 36

101 Reykjavik




Telephone: (354) 692-0240



456 Ash St.

Winnipeg Manitoba


R3N 0R2


Personal History

Date of Birth: January 15, 1961

Place of Birth: Gimli, Manitoba Canada

Citizenship: Canadian

Granted Icelandic Citizenship Dec 2008


Attended Lyon Bleu ,Lyon, France 2012

Attended Háskóli Íslands  Teaching Certificate at the Masters Level 2009

Graduated Leiðsöguskóli Islands The Tour Guide School of Iceland 2005

Attended University of Manitoba 1980 to 1984 Graduated with a BA Degree in May 1986

Attended Gimli Elementary and Composite High Schools Graduated Grade 12 in June 1979


Professional Driver since 1991 in North America

Preofessional Driver since 2001 in Iceland

Professional Tour Guide in Iceland Since May 2005

Work Experience

  • August 2001 to Present

Menntaskólinn við Hamrahlið, Hamrahlid College  Reykjavik Iceland

Electronics Technician, Teachers Aid and Caretaker

  • August 2015 to present

Teaching at Tour Guide School of Iceland

  • December 2005 to Present

Driving bus

Hagvagnar/Hópbilar      Snæland Grímsson

  • October 1997 to July 2001

T&T Trucking Ltd.

  • May 1987 to February 1998

Dairyworld Foods/Manco Dairies

  • May 1984 to October 1989

Eriksdale Creamery and Locker Co. Ltd.

  • Various

Interlake Recreation Center

Polarprjón Knitting Factory. Blondous, Iceland

Hraðfrýstihús Grindavikur Fish Processing, Grindavik

Bulandstindur HF Fish Processing, Djúpavogur

Eskey SF54 Fishing Vessel, Höfn

Volunteer/Community Involvement

Warden for the Canadian Embassy

Board Member of the English Speaking Union of Iceland

Founding Member of Einherjar Viking Group of Reykjavik

Associate Editor to Lögberg Heimskringla, a newspaper serving the people of Icelandic Ancestry in North America

Former Board Member and Vice Chairman of the Iceland Tourist Guide Association

Former Board Member and webmaster of the Icelandic National League of Iceland

Former Board Member of the Snorri Program of Iceland

Tour Guide for Hamrahlíðarkór, Hamrahlið Choir of Iceland

To China September 2007 and North America June 2005

Volunteer with Icelandic Red Cross since January 2003

Held Various Travel Lectures on Iceland, North America and Cuba

Member of the Canadian Club of Iceland

Member of the Alumni Association of the University of Manitoba

Member of the Icelandic National League of North America

in Gimli, Manitoba and Mountain North Dakota

Past Member of the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba Committee



Icelandic National League of North America Convention attended

April 2002 Minneapolis, MN

April 2004 Hecla MB

April 2007 Winnipeg MB

April 2009 Gimli MB

April 2010 Toronto, Ontario

April 2012 Brandon Manitoba

April 2013 Seattle Washington

April 2014 Winnipeg MB

April 2017 Grand Forks North Dakota


Assisting groups planning to visit North America, Europe and Iceland

Conducting Lectures and Promoting Nordic Trails

My Language Skills

  Spoken Oral Comprehension Written Reading
English Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced
Icelandic Higher – Intermediate Higher-  Intermediate Lower – Intermediate Higher – Intermediate
French Lower –  Intermediate Higher-  Intermediate Lower – Intermediate Advanced
Spanish Beginner Lower – Intermediate Beginner Lower – Intermediate